Welcome to the Office of the Ombudsman of Belize.

I invite you to visit and browse our website and learn about the functions of this office. It is our hope that Belizeans at home and abroad, as well as all visitors will find it useful and engaging. It is our intention to provide valuable links to other partners’ websites.

The Ombudsman receives and investigates complaints by any persons or body of persons who claims to have sustained injustice, injury or abuse or other wrong doing by an authority. Upon completion of an investigation, the Ombudsman forwards in writing his findings and recommendations to the Principal Officer at the Ministry, department, agency of government, local authorities, public corporation as applicable.

The Ombudsman’s staff members are ready to serve every Belizean and all those who need our services. Please explore our website and use it to your benefit.

To all Belizeans, stop suffering in silence. Let your voices be heard today.

Yours Truly,

Lionel Arzu, MSc.
Ombudsman of Belize

We want to hear your complaint!


  • The Ombudsman will investigate your complaint of wrongdoing, corruption, abuse, injustice or injury by an authority.
  • Your complaint will be treated with confidentiality and respect.
  • If for some reason we cannot help you, we will refer your complaint to another competent body.
  • And remember, no fees are charged for our services.