Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Ombudsman’s investigative process?

Ombudsman review complaint, determines if there is jurisdiction and reasonable cause to investigate. After Ombudsman determines whether he has jurisdiction to investigate the matter he will send a written notice to principal Officer of Authority, Office, Member and Minister.
Ombudsman then awaits comments, reports or supporting documents from authority.

2. Is the Office of the Ombudsman government office?

The Office of the Ombudsman carries out its functions independently of the government.

3. Which authorities can the Ombudsman receive complaints about?

All Government Departments, Ministries, City Council and Town Council which are accused of corruption or wrongdoing, as well as government owned companies.

4. Who does the Ombudsman report/account to?

The National Assembly.

5. Who provides the funds to cover the operational cost of the office?

The Government of Belize.

6. What happens after the Ombudsman investigates a complaint?

Ombudsman will present findings and may make recommendations to the different authorities.