Press Release – December 2016

The Ombudsman of Belize Lionel Arzu and the Ombudsman of the Republic of Panama Dr. Alfredo Castillero Hoyos signed a cooperation agreement on December 10, 2016 in Panama City, Panama. The areas of cooperation are:

1. Both parties commit themselves to offer each other cooperation for the promotion of respect for the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms
2. Mutual support and assistance for the improvement of the functions that the Constitution and laws assign to both parties
3. Exchange of information and coordinate actions on matters of mutual interests
4. Promotion of educational programs, visits nd other activities for technical and professional training
5. The exchange of good practices and technical assistance
6. Cooperation to facilitate mutual participation in international and national for a
7. Foster events and actions of mutual interest
8. Any other activity that favour the complaiance of institutional ends