Mexico’s NHRC

Collaboration Agreement signed between Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission and the Ombudsman of Belize, Mexico City, January 14, 2016

In Mexico City on January 14, 2016, the Ombudsman of Belize signed a Collaboration Agreement with Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). Mr. Lionel Arzu signed as Ombudsman of Belize and Mr. Luis Raul Gonzalez Perez, President of the NHRC, signed on the Commission’s behalf. The signing took place at the NHRC’s headquarters in the presence of Mr. Hector Davalos Martinez, NHRC’s Executive Secretary, Ms. Claudia Christina Ibarra, NHRC’s Director of International, and Ms. Rubiceli Perera, the Ombudsman’s Legal Officer.

The objective of the Agreement is to establish the general framework of cooperation between the NHRC of Mexico and the Ombudsman of Belize for the development and implementation of their respective activities, programs, and plans. Activities to be carried out pursuant to the Agreement will be in the areas of information technology, migrants, training and exchange of information and experiences.

Mexico’s NHRC is an independent, autonomous body established for the protection of human rights. The Commission’s work concentrates on topics such Disabilities, Women and Children, Women’s Rights and Equality, Migrants, Human Trafficking, HIV and Human Rights, Treatment of Victims of Crime, Indigenous Communities, Aggressions against Reporters and Human Rights Defenders, and Forced Disappearances.