Control Yuan of Taiwan

Agreement on Cooperation Between the Ombudsman of Belize and the Control Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan), November 12, 2015

On November 12, 2015, a high level delegation from the Control Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan) arrived in Belize to sign an Agreement on Cooperation with their local counterpart, the Ombudsman of Belize. The delegation was headed by Doctor Po Ya Chang, President of the Control Yuan, accompanied by Jane Chiang, Chairperson of International Affairs Committee (IAC) of the Control Yuan.

The purpose of the Agreement is to strengthen cooperation between the Control Yuan of Taiwan and the Ombudsman of Belize in the areas of promotion and protection of human rights based on the principles of reciprocity and mutual benefits.

The Control Yuan is a constitutional, independent, Supervisory Agency of Taiwan comprising twenty-nine members each appointed for a term of six years. The Agency’s mandate is to investigate complaints of misconduct by public servants and to impeach or dismiss them if necessary.